Chicken Burger And Mango Creme Fraiche

Pan fried chicken fillet topped with mango sweet chilli and crème fraîche – it’s a quick, healthy midweek meal. Serve with bun and side salad.
Doubles as a dip…
Serves 2
2 chicken breasts – filleted flat
Ground black pepper & salt
1 tbsp olive oil
Half lime juice to deglaze pan
1 tbs Creme Fraiche
Third of a jar Mango Sweet Chilli
1 bag of mixed salad
2 artisan bread buns

1. Slice chicken across & flatten
2. Season with salt & pepper
3. Heat pan hot
4. Add oil & chicken into pan
5. Fry fillets until cooked
6. Squeeze lime into pan & stir
7. Place chicken into bun
8. Mix mango & creme fraiche
9. Add onto top of chicken fillet
10. Serve with side salad